Our Bottega

Our Bottega

Our bottega

The Veneranda is not only wine; in our “bottega” LA VENERANDA you can rediscover the flavours of our production’s products .

From cured meats to sauces made with truffle, cheeses, oil and pasta: all these represent our local production. Contact the shop keeper to know how our products are made and how match these products on your table with other food or also with our wines la Veneranda.

Moreover you can have good advic to realise personalised gift packagings with all our products, to make more special and unforgettable your thought.


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La Veneranda Società Agricola S.S.

Loc. Montepennino, SNC
06036 Montefalco (PG) - Italia

Tel. : + 39 0742 951630

ITALIA info@laveneranda.com
P. IVA 03330290549