Sauces and Jellies

From the production of our extra virgin olive oil and from the excellent products from our territory, by using traditional VENERANDA recipes and methods, we have produced our line of SAUCES and JELLIES. We use fresh raw materials in our products and we work them with artisan methods that preserve the flavors of our traditions, simplicity and genuineness. All of our products are natural, without added flavors or colorings. The most popular of our sauces are truffle-based sauces and the SALSA TARTUFATA is known and appreciated around the world. Our selection of sauces and jellies, have been thought of to be used in antipasti and as condiments in first and main courses. These products from our territory are the principle ingredients of our sauces and jellies, from our extra virgin olive oil used as the base ingredient for all the sauces to our wines used in making wine jellies.

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