Capocollo Slice


Capocollo is a row matured cured meat, prepared utilising the upper part of the neck of the boned and salted pig.
Subsequently it is seasoned with black pepper, garlic, wine, and left to mature for at least three months in dry and ventilated rooms, which allow the meat to mature slowly.
0.75 Kg boxes. 1280 Euro per KG.



The pieces of the meat are cured for 15-20 days in particular tanks with salt solution.
We left standing it for some days, during which are periodically rolled over.
Then they are cleaned from the salt in excess and washed with cooked wine.
Capocollo, is filled and covered with a cotton cloth to permit the dryin. After ten days is spiced using the oak’s cortex’ smoke or using almond’s peels.
In this way you give to capocollo the characteristic lightly smoked fragrance.
The product can be consumed after the aging that lasts three months at least.
The ideal conservation of the capocollo is given by the original pig’s bowel which is the product is placed in and which permit to maintain it fresh.
Capocollo, if left entire, maintain and reinforce its fragrance as time passes, to one year at least.

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