Matured Prosciutto Slice


Prosciutto is made exclusively with italian pig thights and it’s manually operated.
This type of work and the maturing process in ideal conditions gives to our traditional prosciutto the typical aroma of our land.
1 Kg boxes. 13,30 Euro per KG.



It’s a typical prosciutto, obtained from the heavy pig’s thigh, that have not less than nine months. It come from livestocks of our lands.
The salting is dry salted with pepper and natural aromas typical of our region Umbria.
The flavour is that of the characteristic Prosciutto Nostrano Tipico, a delicate taste but enriched only with natural aromas.
After the salting, the thighs shall be set aside for a period, to guarantee a great and an uniform dehydratation, before the washing, done with lukewarm water.
The period of prosciutto’s aging happen in equipped places to permit an appropriate change of air to reach a temperature that is between 14-17 °C.
Prosciutto have to be preserved in a dry and cool place, for example in a cellar.

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