Matured Salami


Our salami is made only with local pig meat. We use the shoulder and this gives to the meat a light color and a more delicate flavor. For the spiciness we use only prime quality natural aromas.
0.5 Kg boxes. 10,30 Euro per KG.



The lean meat of the pig, a lean and a fat part, are cured for 15-20 days, in particular tanks with salt solution.
We left standing it for some days, during which is periodically rolled over.
Then it is cleaned from the salt in excess and washed with cooked wine.
The salami, filled, is rolled up in the bowel and exposed to an aging from three to five months.
The ideal conservation of the salami is given by the original pig’s bowel which is the product is placed in and which permit to maintain it fresh.
The salami, if left entire, maintain and reinforce its fragrance as time passes, to one year at least.

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