Semi-seasoned Pecorino Cheese


Semi-seasoned Pecorino Cheese by La Veneranda is an high quality cheese made only with sheep’s milk, that is selected and seasoned in cellars for about 12 months.
Characteristics of the product:
Soft and dry paste, the flavour is delicate and lightly spicy, but remain the principal characteristic that is the aroma of the milk.
During the aging, Pecorino is put on planks of wood in a special room where temperature and humidity are controlled.
2kg per box.



Semi-seasoned Pecorino Cheese by La Veneranda.
Sheep’s milk, rennet, salt.
Conservation’s modality:
Pecorino have to be conserved in a cellar or in fridge 6°C and envelopped in tinfoil it can maintain for more than 6 months.

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Weight 2 kg


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