Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    The present Terms and Conditions (“GTC“) are governed by the Consumer Act (statutory order no. 206/2005), Section II, Distance Contracts (Art. 50 – 67) and by the relevant e-commerce provisions (statutory order no. 70/2003). They shall exclusively apply online sales of Products as shown and listed on the Website.
  2. Registration
    Customers (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) who intend to buy through our Website shall sign in to the registration section provided on the Website and complete the respective process (hereinafter referred to as “Registration”) as described there.
    By getting registered with us, Customers declare to have read our privacy policy and confirm their personal data to be correct and true. The Customer thus assumes unlimited liability for the information provided.
    Customers shall be obliged to inform La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. immediately and by e-mail to commerciale@laveneranda.com on possible changes regarding their personal data.

    3. Public Offer
    The Products and the respective prices presented on the Website are a public offer that is subject to the provisions stipulated in the GTC and on the Website.
    This offer’s terms shall exclusively apply to purchases made through the Website. Partner for any and all purchase contracts concluded through the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Purchase Contract(s)” shall be La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l.

  3. Acceptance of the GTC
    By placing into a regular online purchase order (hereinafter referred to as “Purchase Order”), Customer declares to have read the information provided to it in the course of transacting the purchase and to fully accept the present General Terms & Conditions.
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. reserves the right to amend the present GTC from time to time. In the event of possible amendments, individual Purchase Orders shall be subject to those GTC that were published on the Website at the time Customer laced its Purchase Order.
    Upon completion of individual transactions, Customers will be requested to print and/or save the present GTC.
  4. Orders
    Customers have concluded Purchase Contracts correctly if the Website does not generate any error message. We do, however, point out on the fact that our system is not able to identify errors in those boxes completed by the Customer that are related to invoicing and shipping.
    Purchase Contracts shall be regarded concluded as from the time La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. receives the Purchase Contract in question.
    Upon the process’s correct completion, Customers shall be provided with an order confirmation (hereinafter referred to as “Order Confirmation”) as well as a confirmation on the Contract’s conclusion. Both shall be mailed to the e-mail address provided by Customer at Registration.
    The above Order Confirmation shall comprise details on the products ordered, the respective prices, and the order number (hereinafter referred to as “Order Number“), which shall be indicated for all questions regarding the Purchase Contract concluded with La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l.
    Customers are requested to diligently check the information stated in the Order Confirmation for correctness and to inform La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. on possible irregularities immediately and/or within 24 hours as from receipt of the Order Confirmation.
    Orders can only be cancelled as long as they have not been processed and La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. has not shipped the respective items. Any and all cancellation of orders is to be made in writing and mailed to commerciale@laveneranda.com.
    With respect to orders already processed, the Customer - in its role as consumer in the sense of the Consumer Act - shall be obliged to accept the goods received. Customer shall be entitled to exercise its right to return upon the acceptance of goods, as specified by Paragraph 10, below.
  5. Sales Prices
    Any and all prices indicated on the Website shall be in EURO and include VAT.
    Shipping and delivery costs (hereinafter referred to as “Delivery Costs“) as specified correctly prior to effecting the purchase and detailed again in the Order Confirmation shall be borne by Customer.
    For inner-Italian order volumes exceeding the amount of EUR 200.00, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall bear the Delivery Costs.
    For order volumes exceeding the amount of EUR 200.00 that are shipped to abroad, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall bear the Delivery Costs.
  6. Payment Terms
    Payment shall be made online on the Website by credit card, via PayPal or by bank transfer.
    Any and all direct credit card payments shall be made through an SSL-(Secure Socket Layer) server. This procedure serves to prevent information being read, manipulated and/or adulterated in communication.
    At no point of time whatsoever, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. will obtain information related to Customer’s credit card.
    Upon the Purchase Contract’s correct conclusion, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall issue an invoice and mail it to the e-mail address sated by the Customer at the time of Registration.
    The data provided by Customer shall be use for this invoice.
    If the event Customer does not receive the e-mail containing the invoice within a time of 48 hours as from the Purchase Contract’s conclusion, Customer shall contact La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. by mailing to commerciale@laveneranda.com. or by making use of the information provided in the Website’s “Contact” section.
  7. Delivery
    Products shall be delivered by courier to the address stated by Customer in the Purchase Order.
    The courier will not deliver Products on Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays.
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. assumes no liabilities whatsoever for possibly delayed deliveries.
    We do point out on the fact that Delivery Costs - as specified correctly prior to effecting the purchase and detailed again in the Order Confirmation - shall be borne by Customer.
    For inner-Italian order volumes exceeding the amount of EUR 200.00, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall bear the Delivery Costs.
    Any and all deliveries shall be made in presence of Customer or a party respectively authorized by Customer.
    Upon receipt of the goods, Customer or the party authorized by Customer shall inspect the consignment for completeness (based on the Purchase Order) and the package for intactness.
    Possible damage to and/or defects of the goods shall be immediately reported to the courier and listed on the delivery note.
    As from the time Customer or the party authorized by Customer has signed the courier’s delivery note the goods shall be deemed to be delivered correctly. Customer shall thus no longer be entitled to bring any complaints regarding the goods’ apparent physical condition to notice.   
  8. Statutory Consumer Guarantee
    Consumers in the sense of Art. 3 of the Consumer Act (statutory order as from 6 September 2005, no. 206) shall be entitled to make use of the statutory guarantee provided for by Articles 128 to 132 of the Consumer Act.
    Costumers shall be obliged to inform La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. within 2 months as from the delivery date on any and all deficiencies and defects in Products that make them unsuitable for the intended use.
    After verifying the defects reported by Customer, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall replace defective Products by similar ones or annul the respective Purchase Contract.
  9. Right to Withdraw (information as per statutory order as from 6 September 2005, no. 206)
    According to Art. 64 of the statutory order as from 6 September 2005, no. 206, consumers in the sense of the abovementioned Art. 3 of the Consumer Act are entitled to withdraw from the Purchase Contract within the legally defined terms, without having to give any reasons and without any legal consequences (hereinafter referred to as the “Right to Withdraw”). Suchlike withdrawal shall be made in writing, by registered letter with return receipt (hereinafter referred to as “Cancellation Letter”) addressed to:
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l.
    Strada del Puglia 118
    06050 - Collazzone (PG)

    In order to take legal effect, any and all withdrawals shall be made within 10 workdays as from the delivery date at the latest.
    Upon receipt of the Cancellation Letter, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall contact Customer through the information provided by Customer in the course of Registration in order to inform Customer on La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l.’s return address.
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. informs Customers on the fact that the costs arising from returning Products shall be borne by Customer and that Customer shall be fully liable for any and all return consignments. Therefore, La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. advises Customers to verify in advance that the Products are intact, in common storage condition and packed in the complete original package (all packaging materials and possible documents).
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. shall refund the full purchase price paid by Customer exclusive of Delivery Costs within thirty days as from receipt of the Cancellation Letter.

  10. Data Privacy
    La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. undertakes to treat any and all Customer data in accordance with the applicable data protection law.
  11. Communication
    Any and all communication can be addressed to La Veneranda 1568 S.r.l. as defined in the Website’s “Contact” section.
  12. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction
    The present General Terms and Conditions shall be subject to Italian law.
    The competent court of Perugia shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any and all disputes the Parties fail to settle amicably.



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