In central Italy the tradition of olive oil production dates back to the Romans and Etruscans. This ancient tradition, the rocky terrain and an ideal microclimate make extra virgin olive oil a unique and special product.

Harvested and cold pressed, our olive oil is the result of a delicate balance obtained from the best varieties of olives.

Cultivar Dritta, Leccino, Frantoio e Moraiolo.
Production area Central Italy
Altitude 300 metri a.l.m.
Harvest period from Mid-October to early Decembere
Collection traditional, hand-picked.
Extraction system cold extraction with continuous cycle within 48 hours from the collection.
Storage in underground stainless-steel tanks
Color yellow green
Perfume fruity and harmonious
Flavor slightly herbaceous with a slightly bitter and spicy nuance.
Pairing salads, vegetables, roasts, soups and sauces.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,75 L. – La Veneranda
Glass bottle 0,75 L.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 L. – La Veneranda
Glass bottle 1 L.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 L. – La Veneranda
Bulk 5 L.

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